Are you the next Bug Hunting Hero?

postado em 21 de fev. de 2012 11:26 por Gustavo Pacheco   [ 17 de jan. de 2013 08:24 atualizado‎(s)‎ ]
Last week, after the announcement of LibreOffice 3.5, Italo Vinholi sent me a kind email with the 'Bug Hunting Hero Award', on behalf of the TDF Board of Directors and the Membership Committee. I recieved it because I submitted the highest number of bugs in the Bug Hunting Session of LibreOffice 3.5. So I would like to share it with three guys of the QA team, who worked untiringly: Cor Nouws, Rainer Bielefeld and Christian Lohmaier. They worked a lot in Bug Hunting days, helping people on IRC, checking the filled bugs and, finally, doing the statistics review. They, and all of 150 volunteer bug hunters, did the best!

I think the 'Bug Hunting Session' was a good way to encourage people to join us. It's an excellent example of the The Document Foundation work. We are the former community but, now, in a new and exciting ways to collaborate. From Marketing to Easy Hacks, everyone can find the better place to start. I have found many places and I'm very happy.  Not only because the award. In fact, the 'Bug Hunting Hero Award' was a great honor but I have other reasons to celebrate. At the end of 2011, I did my first commit of code and I published my 8th project at Extensions Repository. After this hot summer in Brazil, I intend to restart my code study and my contributions.

LibreOffice is the result of an effort of many heros around the world. This is the most important. I'm sure that LibreOffice 3.5 is really the best free office suite ever. Yesterday, we had another great news: our foundation has been officially incorporated in Berlin. I'm sure that we are building one of the best community model too. 

I'm proud to be part of LibreOffice, it's a fantastic experience! Come and join us at! Maybe you can be the next Bug Hunting Hero! :)